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Foundation Penduka ('Stichting Penduka') supports Penduka Namibia and its local board from the Netherlands. It supports by giving advice on product sales and development. Foundation Penduka Multicultural raises funds for specific projects for Penduka Namibia. The foundation is the European distributor for Penduka's products. If you want to volunteer for Penduka in Namibia, you can contact this foundation - just use the contact form on the left.
Foundation Penduka organizes a program for two of the Penduka women to come to Europe and meet with clients and supporters yearly. The Foundation pays for the visit. During the Penduka artisan's stay, usually fundraising and promotion of Penduka is done, making use of the womens' expertise. A very special experience to build self-confidence when you have never been abroad, or even out of your daily home situation.
Foundation Penduka assists in extending the market  for Penduka products and makes first connections with potential new clients. It gives support to Penduka management team and assists in networking.

Foundation Penduka in the Netherlands is constituted of

ChristienChristien Roos
 Emily HoltmaatEmily Holtmaat

Hilde Feddema
Bert-ToxopeusBert Toxopeus
Fred Bouwmeester   Fred Bouwmeester
Bouwina Ensing
Tineke Foblets Tineke Foblets