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Wake up! That is the meaning of ‚Penduka‘ in most parts of Namibia. Penduka is a non-governmental development organisation working with women in Namibia. Penduka is based in Katutura, the former black township of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.

Penduka women make beautiful products which are sold in our webshop, through partners abroad, and locally in Katutura. A product for you is an income for the women of Penduka. Not only that, but by buying products you also contribute towards financing Penduka's educational- and health projects.
Those projects and progams became necessary since despite all our artisan's skills and engagement, there are still some hills too steep to climb without additional backing. Health problems such as Tuberculosis, access to loans outside the formal banking sector and combating the effects of abuse are just some examples for issues where Penduka puts on extra programs to provide that additional push that finally will get our participants into a more stable position, empowering them to take their next steps.