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Martha wants to improve the well-being of women with disabilities - socially or physically

 Martha Muulyau is co-founder of the Penduka Trust in Namibia.  "Penduka" means "Wake Up" in Oshivambo and stands for taking control of your own future and believing in your own strength.  Inspired by her own physical disability and motivated to improve the lives of all women in Namibia, Martha co-founded Penduka in 1992.
 Penduka encourages women with a physical disability or a social disadvantage to tell their story and together make beautiful products that can be sold.  Penduka focuses on training, entrepreneurship and lasting relationships.  The lack of education (sometimes very difficult in rural areas if you do not physically get to school or if you have other care duties), without housing, traumatized by violence, there are few bright prospects for many women.  Penduka brings change here.
 Meanwhile, Penduka grew into a social enterprise with full Namibian governance.  The daily management is in the hands of a manager, Kauna, who has worked his way up within the organization.  Penduka Trust has become a 100% Namibian organization that can fully pay for salaries and invariably reserves part of the proceeds for training the team.  Penduka became a world of its own, the activities were expanded (storytelling embroidery, ceramics, hospitality, etc.) and in this way around 500 families are currently benefiting from the income through the work for Penduka.  More than 1000 women received training at Penduka and could move on to other work or set up their own business.
 Since childhood, Martha herself has been confronted with a physical disability (scoliosis, paralysis, pacemaker), encouraged by her mother who called her 'the special flower', she supported as a child with sticks and accompanied by a dog  carrying a school bag to school.  This way she learned that perseverance pays off.  By believing in her possibilities and the importance of education, she has set up this beautiful organization and associated network.  A better future for people and the environment, that was always the starting point.  Sustainable materials and techniques, better understanding of each other and the world, education and entrepreneurship, ... from this vision, she was able to motivate and inspire more and more people.
 Although still very involved with Penduka, Martha returned to the family land in the North of Namibia.  There she is committed to the children and the elderly.  Thanks to Martha, a school was established in Omishe (Epembe) for a few hundred children.  Martha motivates parents to let their child go to school and helps where she can to make that possible.  She is also committed to bringing the elderly together in the village.
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