Leather shoulder bag, Travel easy, with Lets get Busy batik fabric

Practical bag for on the go, in all kinds of beautiful colors
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Handy bag for your phone, passport, keys, etc. Material combination of leather and Lets get Busy batik fabric. The pattern was designed by the Penduka artists from the slums of Katutura, Windhoek. Let's get busy is one of the most successful batik patterns. A Penduka artist works on a 7-meter dust cloth for about 1 day. They use a traditional method to obtain the batik paste pattern: they apply flour paste in a pattern to the fabric and then dye it by hand (eco-friendly). After the paint has dried, they remove the flour and a nice pattern is created.

With leather shoulder strap.

Available colors: brick red / orange, gray, natural beige, turquoise, black and navy

Dimensions: W 17 cm x H 23 cm

Weight: 70 gram