Baby bib mint with embroidery label

Cotton baby bib with village story label, embroidered by Penduka artists. Available in mint with aqua coloured embroidery, size approx. 26cm x 20cm (lxw).

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This bib is embroidered by women in the countryside in Namibia. Through embroidery, they tell their story and process their experiences and problems. Once a week, the women come together to evaluate each others products, to hand it in and to fetch new fabric and thread. Embroidery can be done everywhere; while you wait at the well, while talking with your neighbor or even in the waiting room at the hospital. It is harder when the sun sets, therefore many women now have a small solar chargeable light. This way they can now work in the evening without being afraid that fire or sparks will destroy their work. Village embroidery motifs vary depending on what story the individual Penduka embroiderer has to tell (village scenes, fetching water, Katutura street scenes....). Available in mint with aqua colored embroidery, with plastic lining, size approx. 26cm x 20cm (lxw). 100% cotton, machine-washable. For other specific color/ size variants or personalized motifs please contact us.