Glass bead bracelet (small beads)

Glass bead bracelets now in THREE NEW COLORS : Turquoise, green-white-brown mixed, blue-white-green mixed
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Beautiful bracelet of glass beads strung on a transparent elastic band. Penduka's glass beads are handcrafted from recycled wine and beer bottles, poured by handicapped Penduka artists from the slums of Katutura, Windhoek. Unfortunately, Namibia does not yet have a glass return system. Waste glass is therefore everywhere, cynically called 'desert flower' after being thrown from cars. Penduka has a glass recycling department where 3 deaf women select, clean, pulverize and melt glass, and finally polish it by rubbing it through the sand before turning it into beautiful jewelry. Each bead is hand-shaped and unique. Through this process we try to keep the area around Penduka cleaner, create a product you enjoy and generate an income for Olivia, Rebecca and Maria. Glass bead bracelet are available in two variants (large beads and small beads) and four colors: In addition to the colors we already had (clear translucent, blue translucent, brown translucent, green translucent) we now have three beautiful new colors available: turquoise, green -white-brown mixed, and blue-white-green mixed.

Soon also matching rings available with the bracelets, keep an eye on the new products!


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