22°31'34.9"S 17°00'56.0"E

* From Windhoek, take Independence Ave North/East- Katutura

* Go about 10 km on Independence Ave, and you will cross Otjomuise Road-do not turn- go straight across.

* The road changes name and becomes Eveline St. as it makes a 90 degree turn to the right.

* 0.25 km after Otjomuise, and just after the road straightens after the right bend , you will see Kwasa Kwasa on your left( it is a large building) 0.75 km after Kwasa kwasa , there is a four way stop, the first stop sign you see on Eveline street . Turn left. This is Green Mountain Dam road. But there is no road sign. On the left as you turn there is a ‘Chop A life’shabeen/bar, and there is a small Penduka sign in front.

* go on 0,45 km on Green Mountain Dam road , and at the top of the hill you will see a larger ‘Penduka ‘sign on your left.* Turn left at the sign into the gravel road.

* go 0.9 km and you are at the gate to Penduka. A guard will open the gate for you: Welcome at Penduka!

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