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Having a truly sustainable concept, we run a renewable watering system and a parabolic solar process, making Penduka independent from municipality resources and bills plus reducing our carbon footprint.

But we don't stop at energy and water. We also grow our own fresh vegetables, mushrooms and herbs in our organic garden. To enlarge our range, we now also have  fruit trees with pawpaw,  lemons and passionfruit in the on-site testing phase. The latest addition to our garden is the innovative and water-efficient Aquaponics system, combining the growth of fresh vegetables with fish breeding, using the natural nitrogen cycle while using only about 10% of the water needed for a soil garden. Trainings available upon request.

For fresh organic eggs, we also contain a free-range chickenfarm.

You‘re welcome to enjoy our product in the restaurant or take a tour through our gardens and chickenfarm - perfect also for little explorers who sometimes assist with collecting the eggs. See 'The Penduka experience' for more details.