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Sturdy linen bag, with hand-embroidered "Village Life Embroidery", weight: 180 gram
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Sturdy linen bag, with hand-embroidered "Village Life Embroidery".With inner pocket and long handles (80 cm)Size: 40 x 50 cm, weight: 180 grams, Color, navi, strong cottonThis bag was made by rural women in Namibia. They tell their story and process their experiences and problems through embroidery.Once a week the women meet to evaluate each other's products, hand them in and get new fabric and thread. Embroidery can be done anywhere;while you wait at the well, while you talk to your neighbor or even in the waiting room of the hospital. It's harder when the sun sets, so muchwomen now have a small solar powered rechargeable light. They can now work in the evenings without fear of fire or sparks destroying their work.