Shipping costs & delivery times
Once your order is received by us, we will contact you within 48 hours.

The shipping costs for all our items depend on the size or weight of the order and the country of destination. For the best price ratio we advise you to order products up to a weight of 2 kg, then the shipping costs are the most favorable.

The shipping costs are automatically calculated during the order process after the country where the order is to be sent is filled in and depends on the weight.

Europe 1:
0 grams to 75 grams € 1.50
76 grams to 130 grams € 3.00
131 grams to 350 grams € 8.70
350 grams to 2000 grams € 12.60
package up to 5000 grams € 23.00

Europe 2:
0 grams to 350 grams € 12.60
Package up to 5000 grams € 27.00

Rest of the world:
0 grams to 350 grams € 15.40
Package up to 5000 grams on request

For the Netherlands:
Envelope: up to 75 grams € 1.00
Envelope: 76 to 130 grams € 2.00
Envelope: up to 2000 grams € 3.95
Package up to 30 kilos € 7.95

Delivery times
We ship all orders within 5 working days after we have received your payment unless you receive a message from us with a clear reason for delay.
Special custom-made products, according to personal taste, color or concept by the Penduka team in Namibia will lead to a delivery time of 3 weeks up to max. 3 months. You will receive a message a week after you have placed your order.

Payment and delivery
Automatic payment via PayPal to bank account number (IBAN) NL77 RABO 0325 1869 01 in the name of "Stichting Penduka".
If your delivery of your order takes longer than expected, there can be several reasons for this: we could need a little longer to prepare your order. Or the mail needs a bit longer than a day to deliver to you.
For special custom-made orders a deposit of 50% will be requested once the order has been confirmed by Penduka Trust in Namibia.

Service and contact:
Penduka strives to make as many people as possible happy with our unique products. Because the Penduka Foundation is dependent on the delivery of the products from Penduka Trust Namibia, we will have to be realistic about what is possible within the limitations that distance and communication entails. The product selection is already such that we have insight into the best and fastest sold products. We keep a small stock of these products in the Penduka store in Groningen with which we can serve you.
Once your order is received by us, we will contact you within 48 hours.

If the shipment of your order is delayed after you have paid, please contact us, and we will see what is possible.

If you have questions about the products, mail to
We will answer your question as soon as possible.

Warranty and return
Penduka makes only unique products, no two producst are exactly the same. The dyes are also mixed by hand and feeling. The embroidered images will therefore always slightly deviate from what you see on the photo. If you have a particular preference, please mention this when ordering and we will send you an example photo before the product is sent.

Should you would prefer a different product than the one you have received, you can come to our distribution store within one month after receipt of your order and exchange the product. Please contact to determine the date and time. Address: Westerbadstraat 52 in Groningen, The Netherlands. There is no exchange if the product is used and/or washed.

Incomplete products
Due to the personal nature of our handmade products, only incomplete products can be returned

We kindly request you to report this in advance by email:
In that case you can return the product in question within 14 days after receipt of your order in the original envelope or box free of charge to:

Penduka, Paterswoldseweg 64, 9726 BG Groningen, The Netherlands

Mention the order number and which product(s) you want to receive back on an accompanying note. We will send the new product(s) to you as soon as possible after receiving the return shipment. We take care of the postage costs for resending.

The same return conditions apply to foreign shipments.