Pendants for your suitcase or bag with beautiful Village Story embrodery

Through embroidery they tell their story and process their experiences and problems.
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Once a week, the women meet to assess each other's products, hand them in and get new fabric and thread. Embroidery can be done anywhere; while you wait at the well, while talking to your neighbor or even in the waiting room of the hospital. It's harder when the sun goes down, which is why many women now have a small solar-powered rechargeable light. This means they can now work in the evening without fear that fire or sparks will destroy their work. Village embroideries vary depending on the story the individual Penduka embroiderer has to tell (village scenes, fetching water, Katutura street scenes ...). The pendants can therefore only be chosen by color, not by patterns. The patterns vary each time and are therefore unique.

The pendants are filled. that is why they can not only be used as decoration but also as a pin cushion, for example. Beautiful, unique and handy ;-)

Dimensions: 6 x 8 cm, Weight: 15 grams

The beige variety is a bit smaller and less filled; great for a smaller bag!