My name is Ruusa and I am 35 years old. I started at Penduka as a child minder. In between, I got the chance try out some different types of handycrafts. I come from a Pottery family, my grandmother baked clay-pots in an underground oven. By now, I am the Penduka Pottery supervisor. I teach my colleagues how to make moulds, how to make drawings and do the handpainting.

I live in Katutura in a shack with my husband, our little daughter Taimi of 5 months, and a cousin who is studying in Windhoek but has no other place to stay. Our daughter Tuli, 11, stays with my sister, my son Tulipo, 7, stays with Kauna at Penduka; Whenever I can afford it, I do buy food for my son, her and her daughter. My husband works in transportation, but even though he gets a monthly pay, I very seldom see a penny of it - instead, it goes into his game and alcohol addiction. Now I feel I have to fight my own fight for myself and the children. At Penduka, I can earn my own money with which I can support my kids. This is why I work very hard - often, I also take some embroidery home with me, to earn a bit extra.