I come from Navambo and learned about Penduka out of my curiosity. I thought they were building a hotel at the land were Penduka was developing and asked about it. I came to Penduka in 1992 and now live in the township of Windhoek, Katutura. For 11 years I worked at the Penduka village with accommodation and hospitality but actually wanted to work at the batik department.

After a long time, I finally got a job as head of the batik department. Nowadays, I work as Production facilitator and have a lot of responsibilities, making sure that all production related orders are getting done in time and in the best way. A difficult job and stressful at times. With the money I earnt at Penduka, I built a little house in Katutura with a group of women who also worked at Penduka. For me and those other women, Penduka was the way to fight poverty.