My name is Liina Shikongo, I started as the night security at Penduka. Later, when the situation at home was becoming very difficult for me to be away at night with the children, I got the task to oversee the accommodation side at Penduka. Now, after 10 years, I have made it up to the position of Hospitality manager and I am very proud of that. At Penduka, they call me Meme Liina, the African name for an older and respectful person. I am a 'community elder’ which shows that I am well respected in our neighbourhood. When there are problems, the people from the area are coming to me and I try to assist in finding solutions.

After my divorce, I had to bring up my 5 children by myself, four boys and one girl. We live in the black township named Katutura in a simple house without water or electricity. We don't have our own toilet, we make use of a public toilet further down the street.
Through Penduka, I have learned so much and got the chance to develop myself. A trip to The Netherlands on special funding has played an important role in my development, given me a lot of self-confidence. If they asked me before to take people on a tour around Penduka I would say: I can’t, I do not know what to say. Giving a Penduka tour for people from all different countries is no problem anymore; actually, I enjoy it.