Christien Roos

Penduka is as much part of my life as breathing, drinking and eating!

My dear husband often makes remarks in the trend of , being married to Penduka’. It is my brainchild and born out of a close relationship with Martha Muulyau with whom I shared the co -parental.

By now we do both look at Penduka  as a  young  adolescent, still  in need of attention and reflection,  often ‘asking’ for  a good  push and for ‘discovering yourself and learn from mistakes’ . I was so fortunate to be able to put so much of my  love, creativity, interest and ideas into it as from the start.

To watch eager people grasping for knowledge and ideas, with a glow in their eyes, and standing firm and proud when they have been able to implement it, recognizing themselves through Gods loving eyes – that is the most satisfying experience for me.