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Just like the Penduka women work together to advance, Penduka has created vital partnerships in order to advance. Penduka believes in long-term relationships with its partners, nationally and internationally, with non-governmental organisations, governments and enterprises, with artists and educational establishments. Penduka's partners are active in a wide range of sectors and disciplines. Anybody who can help Penduka realising its goals, is welcome as a partner. Penduka's partners currently are listed here.


Based on our desire to contribute to a better world, we established Springtime Foundation on March 21, 2016. We want to offer people in a disadvantaged position opportunities or a happy moment. Making that possible gives meaning to our work and to our business. And it makes us happy!

Buro Reng

Office for graphic design and communication in Groningen, The Netherlands Buro Reng develop constructive creative suggestions, designs, and communication for Penduka.

House of Design Groningen

Design portal that offers designers from Groningen a stage. Penduka is a member of the House of Design and works together with affiliated designers.


Letty Scheers, die jahrelang ihr eigenes Taschenlabel 'Abel' hatte, engagiert sich jetzt für Penduka. In Kombination mit den wunderschönen handgefertigten, bestickten Penduka-Stoffen und dem Leder aus Namibia und Ecopell werden jetzt in Zusammenarbeit mit Letty in der Penduka-Werkstatt einzigartige Taschen hergestellt. Besuchen Sie den Online-Shop oder wenden Sie sich an Penduka.NL

Design Academy Eindhoven

Selected Penduka for a cooperation of their 'Man and Humanity' department. Young international designers give Penduka input and they design products that can make daily life for Penduka women much easier.

Namibia Working group te Monnickendam

Helps Penduka raise funds by the sale and promotion of Penduka products. Contact Jantina Buijs.


Involves young people in international development. Worldschool allows young people to do research into the issues that Penduka has to deal with in its daily practice.


A Dutch umbrella organisation for private initiatives that are registered as a public benefit organisation. Penduka is a Partin member.

Wilde Ganzen/Wild Geese Foundation All over the world, Wild Geese Foundation supports people in their efforts to achieve a better future for their community in developing countries, aiming at tangible, small-scale projects for and by the people themselves.

The Fair Story, Seoul, Korea Fair trade organisation working closely together with Penduka. They purchase many products from Penduka and Korean designers are involved in making special, custom made products for The Fair Story by Penduka. Danish importer of Penduka Product with a mission to empower communities by selling beautiful, rare, handcrafted products from social enterprises in Namibia and South Africa.


Frauen Arbeit Bildung
German NGO with similar vision as Penduka to assist vulnerable women in their empowerment.

Peace Corps
Peace Corps Volunteers travel overseas to make real differences in the lives of real people. Currently, Andy Garisson is based at Penduka for 2 years and makes a real difference.

Pack Safaris Tour Company

Supporting Penduka by bringing tour groups over to Penduka on a regular base plus ordering Penduka flower pots which gives the Pottery department almost full time work.

Daniela Feuchtmayr

Specializing and working in Marketing and Corporate sustainability strategy, Daniela brings German, Namibian and New Zealand work experience to the table. She is involved with Penduka in several topics around Marketing, HR, Training, and strategy, including assisting with the concept of this website.

integer GmbH

German IT consultancy, advising Penduka on the technical side, assisting with the relaunching of the website and webshop as a corporate citizenship engagement.

Penduka vzw

Penduka vzw, an extension of Association Penduka in Belgium. Contact Tineke Foblets +32 486 57 66 04

Tineke Foblets

VZW Penduka België, an extension of Association Penduka in Belgium Tineke Foblets

Eames Demetrios

Kcymaerxthaere is a new - and yet old as the hills - alternative universe and storytelling experience created by Eames Demetrios, a California-based artist and filmmaker. Some oft these stories are embroidered by Penduka women.

Satu Miettinen

Works for the Savonia University for Applied Sciences in Kuopio, Finland. She works with Penduka on education and exhibitions in the Netherlands and Finland on Namibia and Penduka.

Saki Nicodemus

Leadership coach at Penduka in Namibia.

Ministry of Health and Social Affairs Namibia

Works together with Penduka on the tuberculosis programme that was set up in 1998.

Hospitality Association of Namibia

Assists Penduka's tourist department in Namibia on travel reservations and education.

Namibia Craft Centre

Penduka has a stand in the Namibian craft-centre to sell products. You can find it in Windhoek city centre: Old Breweries Building, Tal Street, Windhoek.

Coop Lubbers, Groningen

Selling Penduka Wine and supporting Penduka in many ways.

Ubuntu at Work

Ubuntu at Work offers training and support to artisans from across the world. Through our local partners, we connect artisans to global markets and help them plug into global supply chains. Thus transforming the lives of artisans and giving global supply chains greater integrity. Contact person Vibha Pingle

G Adventures

With G Adventures you experience the world in a way that you would never succeed on your own. They have brought together people from all over the world for more than 20 years and also visit Penduka.


Myeisha creates high-end leather bags, which are made predominantly from Namibian leather . Aiming for a sense of the avant-garde, these bags are exquisitely handmade and exported to Europe and the World. They represent the values of honesty and appreciation, Penduka embroidery women add value to these lovely bags.

Company producing high-quality vegetable-tanned, natural leather in southern Germany, assisting Penduka with offcuts for our batik/leather bags.