I’m Vistorina and I was born in the northern part of Namibia, where I also completed primary school. I grew up with my parents in Ondangwa until my mother died in 1998 when i was just 14 years old. My father died just two years later when I was 16. Therefore, I went to stay with my auntie in Windhoek after completing grade 12.

I am now a single mum of three sons, aging 9, 4 and 2 years old. At the same time, I am also raising two children of my sister. It isn’t always easy to have many children around you, even if they are a true blessing from God – still, they give you hard time many times a day. For now, I am used to it, and I thank god for giving me a big heart to love children - they made me into a strong woman.

I’m currently working at Penduka as a Hospitality Supervisor and my role is to welcome the guests, make bookings, answer the telephone, receive email requests and send fast responses to them, guide tours around Penduka, cook and serve restaurant guests and also to work with the online system booking.com. I like working with computers a lot, also singing and going to church. I love studying, and I’m still hoping to develop further in the future.